Saturday, November 21, 2009


Its been a fucking eternity sinse I posted. Sorry about that. More to come I promise. I'm still pissed but its hard to get my shit right knowing I'll be dad soon. I'll get it together. xxoo.

Chair Club

There's this thing about tables. They are brilliantly designed so that they have a handy space underneath for chairs. Thousands of years of human civilization have led us to this point. And vaccines for polio. But mostly chair-space under tables.

Ref = Blind?

I don't even have strong feelings towards the French that much. Zinzedene Zidane I could take or leave. However, I'm Irish (and German, Scottish, French Canadian. Metis Idian) to the CORE!

It's handball! .It's practically the only thing that's against the rules, besides being offside or head butting Marco Materazzi.

Plus, France is always in the World Cup. The Republic pretty much never is. They're scrappy, and adorable, and not entirely made up of colonials**...that's right, I went there.

*note... Henri has since stated that a rematch was only fair as his "instinctual" handball should have been called.
**never mind